The castle wasborn in the Norman era, a fortress with the aim of controlling and ensuring theadministration of the fiefdom. Originally it possessed walls, towers and amoat, its last transformation which took place from the 17th to the 18thcentury due, as in many cases in the Terra d'Otranto, to the loss of itsdefense purpose, gave it the most gentle and useful forms to enjoy brighter andmore comfortable spaces for the life of the feudal lords of that period.

The first feudal lord of Scorrano, a town of Roman origin, was Giovanni Galardo de Saumeriaco and later belonged to many families of the various rulers of theTerra d'Otranto. At the end of the 12th century the castle and fiefdom of Scorrano belonged to Filippo d'Angiò, then at the end of the 13th century it became a fiefdom of the Prince of Taranto Raimondello Orsini Del Balzo whomarried the Countess of Lecce Maria D'Enghien, of whom Pasquale Guarini was guardian , our ancestor. Following many others were the feudal lords of Scorrano and therefore owners of the castle, the Della Ratta, the Bourbons, the Tolomei, the De Capua, the Gonzaga, the Pignatelli, the Maremonti, the Trane.

Finally in 1687 it became part of the Frisari family and in 1718 it was elevated to a duchy. Teresa Frisari, Duchess of Scorrano, Princess of Tarsia, was the last heir ofthis family and married Carlo Guarini, Duke of Poggiardo in 1894, bringing thepalace and nominal titles into the Guarini family. After his marriage toTeresa, Carlo Guarini moved his residence to Scorrano, leaving the castle of Poggiardo where his family had lived since 1400.

Today, our family represents the fourth and fifth generation of the Guarini who uninterruptedly take care of this castle, one of the few which, in its centuries-old stratification of life, represents a rare example of uninterrupted residential continuity since its origin.


Today our cellar is reborn inside the Castle as a testimony to the love and commitment that the Guarini have always dedicated to the conservation of this large residence, the agricultural territory and the production of native wines of Terra d'Otranto.

The old cellar of the court, the secret citrus garden and the old basements of the castle come back to life and come to light. Until the mid-20th century, the production and serving of wine took place in these environments, the beating heart of the town. Come and visit us, come and learn about the history of the Terra d'Otranto and experience it with us. We will taste and compare our CRUs of Negroamaro di Terra d'Otranto D.O.P. together.

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The horizontal tasting will see the Negroamaro D.O.P of the Terra d'Otranto in different winemaking techniques and from different cultivation areas, to capture the different expressions and characteristics of the main grape variety of our land.

“SIMPLE” HORIZONTAL: 3 labels - €30.00 per person.

“COMPLETE” HORIZONTAL: 5 labels - €50.00 per person.

The private tasting is accompanied with tarallini friselline extra virgin olive oil and gastronomy products from our family.


For each CRU of Negroamaro D.O.P. of Terra d'Otranto cultivated in the areas of the PIANURA and the SERRE of Terra d'Otranto we will discover together the expressive differences of the two Reds based on the terroir and the vintage, comparing two vintages for each CRU.

"VERTICAL" CRU: 4 labels - €55.00 per person.

The private tasting is accompanied with tarallini friselline extra virgin olive oil and gastronomy products from our family 


The cellar opening hours are: 9.30-13.00 | 3.30pm - 8.00pm

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Greetings from the Terra d'Otranto,

Carlo and Roberto Guarini

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